Wildlife education delivered to Melbourne students daily, from our 1 acre zoo direct to you.

The Rookeepers Mobile Zoo are one of the most fun, interactive and educational wildlife incursions providers in Victoria. Our mission is simple,  to educate students and adults of all ages on the ecology of Australian wildlife and devise a better understanding on the importance of all things wild. We service schools, kindergartens and early learning centers all over the state. Our wildlife education programs can be tailored to suit early learning centers right through to university’s, they also compliment AusVELS Foundation through to level 10 , our comprehensive teacher resources take the hard work out of lesson planning with over 30 units covered. Book now and howl like a dingo, cuddle a possum or hold a crocodile in one of two programs on offer .

Wildlife School Incursions

are a great way to advance your kids in environmental education with our highly trained staff  and informative, yet fun approach. Take the hassle out of lesson planning with our downloadable teachers resource packs which include Q&A sheets for all year levels, classroom activities and a teachers lesson planning guide.

Early Learning Incursions

are a great starting point to introduce native animals in the classroom. Although your kids wont understand what reverse sexual dimorphism is, with our friendly and patient presenters we will break each animal down and teach the kids about animal shapes, diet and feel along with other basic principles. We put your reptile or wildlife encounter in words the kids can understand so they take the most out of their animal visit.

Kindergarten Incursions

are were the students come to life, answering questions and telling stories of their own animal encounters. This session not only teaches them about wildlife but instills confidence in individuals to speak in front of others and recall stories about their experiences, weather it be a pet at home or an animal on a holiday .It also really gets them to step out of their comfort zone and reach new achievements not only as an individual but also as a group. Whether its three year old or four year old kindergarten, they will love what our wildlife shows have to offer.

Wild Birthday Parties

Our kids birthday parties are also a great service, allowing the kids to interact with our wildlife and learn about each animal as the show goes on. Weather you have a girl or a boy, they are going to love an animal Birthday party from The Rookeepers because we have a large variety of  reptiles, mammals and birds which come to every wildlife show. We even have wild birthday invitations to download and print.

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The Rookeepers Mobile Zoo are proud to offer one of the most fun, educational and interactive wildlife incursions in Victoria.

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