Wild Camera Action

Wildlife for tv, film and celebrity encounters.

TV & Film

The Rookeepers have a wide range of Australian native animals and experienced presenters which can be used for tv and film, weather it be a fluffy possum, giant python or a snappy crocodile. To find out more please call our office on 1800 WILDLIFE and speak to one of our staff.

Papers & magazines.

Featured in

  • Herald sun
  • Ballarat Courier
  • Melton Leader

Under construction – for more information call 0498 113 720.

Celebrity’s &
v.i.p groups.

Book a V.I.P wildlife encounter and get face to face with some of Australia’s cutest animals.

For more information call 1800 WILDLIFE (1800 945 354).


Featured on

  • 3wa with Dennis Walter.
  • 103.1 Power Fm with Sarah D.
  • 979 fm Melton community radio.

For more information call 0498 113 720.