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Guide to planning a wildlife party in Melbourne.

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Guide to planning a reptile birthday in Melbourne.

Planning a kids party can be stressful! There is the cake, party food, venue, party bags and the all the mess to clean up at the end, but when we see the smiles on our kids faces its all worth it in the end.

In this guide we take you through hiring a mobile zoo, what space is required, minimum recommend age and where to source some awesome zoo party supplies from.

First thing is first, hiring a wildlife company for a kids party is the easy part, its recommend to book a few months in advanced as most are booked out every week. The way to book a party is by calling 1800 WILDLIFE and talking to one of our friendly staff.

Indoors or outdoors? 

Some company’s will present indoors and outdoors, including us, but we can only do outdoor shows when the weather is fine and there is minimum wind, if there is to much wind, we are unable to set up our banners. We recommend indoor shows for the reason being you will not need a back up plan if it rains, or if it is to hot, since we can not work in rain or extreme heat. We also have to think about our precious cargo, the animals! Animals such as reptiles are sensitive to the cold weather and did you know reptiles can also overheat just like we can! So its up to our presenters to regulate their body temperature and it can get very tricky in extreme weather. The other hand, mammals have thick Victorian fur coats, and really feel the heat in the summer, the ideal temperature for a reptile party would be 20-25 degrees indoors.

Space needed?
The ideal amount of space is 5-7 meters wide by 5-7 meters deep, we sit the kids down in a single line arching around like a semi circle facing the presenter.

Recommended age for a kids animal party?
The recommended age for a Rookeepers party is 3+, although we will cater for younger children, we don’t generally recommend it, crying and loud noise can really upset the animals and make the show really hard to perform.

Where to find awesome party decor!
If you search for ‘reptile’ or ‘animal party’ into google you will find some awesome ideas through Pintrest and other sites, Esty is also another good site where you can buy creative items including; snake venom labels for water bottles, green table cloths, green plates, cups, streamers ect.

Average price in Melbourne $300-$400
Our price for a kids animal party is $300 for a Saturday and $400 for a Sunday, this includes G.S.T
and travel within 50 kms from Melbourne C.B.D, or travel within 150 knm of Mount Egerton, to book call 1800 Wildlife or visit today!